Morad Group
Toghter we define the quality

The Morad Group of companies is established in Romania for more than 25 years ago enjoying a reputed position among the local business communities and regarded as one of the major contributors to the Romanian economic sector.

MORAD GROUP, a real estate developer, together with our contractors, Stein Construct and SOHO Residence, has completed several projects in Romania and abroad

Since 2006, the Group has invested over 150 million euros and it is considered as one of the leading contracting entrepreneurs in the residential development sector in Romania.

In 2014 ONIX RESIDENCE is developed as an independent company, the residential construction platform of the Group. Under its wing the Group will develop all future residential projects in Romania.

Onix Residence
Our Philosophy

We are committed to build long term relations with our customers and partners

We have a good reputation and enjoy brands recognition with constructions industries

We pride ourselves with a developed sense of responsibility towards our business and business partners

Onix Residence
Choose the Excellence!

Onix Residence is one of the largest, privately owned real estate developer in Romania, focusing primarily on quality residential buildings in strategic urban location.

Onix Residence introduces for the first time on the Romanian real estate market a new category of apartments! We design, build and sell affordable living apartments with a modern design tailored to the needs of our customers. We are committed to deliver high standards quality apartments, habitats where our clients can benefit from the comfort, privacy and safety of their houses. Our projects offer to our potential buyersexcellent living conditions, quality amenities and a unique style that is defined by apartment through its personality. In a world of speed and diversity, in which time is shorter, your home has become the place where you relax, energize yourself, and take it all over to successfully meet challenges. We offer you exactly this, a solid, comfortable, smart home, we offer you excellence!

Onix Residence
Details make the difference!

Having the experience of the few residential complexes already built, we believe we have already been able to find out what best suits our customers, what are their expectations, what are their needs. Being determined to deliver the best residential complexes, Onix Residence is working with highly professional and experienced team in all our departments.

We are investing in the future of our company and in the future of the community, by choosing to work with the best suppliers and partners, in order to deliver consistency and drive value.

Onix Residence
Our Projects

RubinStein residential building, completed in year 2008, is situated in the western side of our capital city, nearby Mogoşoaia forest. It consists of 6 blocks, having a total of 141 apartments. The campus, with buildings with a height regime of Basement + Ground floor +4 floors + Attic, has both apartments with 2, 3 or 4 rooms and duplexes.

SaphirStein, a residential building completed in 2009, is located in Cotroceni area. It consists of two blocks with 188 apartments of 2 or 3 rooms. It is built with a height regime of Basement + Semi-basement + Ground floor +11 floors and our customers enjoy the advantage of having a panoramic view over the Palace of Parliament and Dâmboviţa riverbanks.

Onix Residence is built in a central location which provides the advantage of easy access to all points of interest in Bucharest. It provides all its customers with excellent living conditions, quality finishing and an unique style to complement each apartment through its personality. Onix Residence consists of 5 buildings with a height regime of Basement + Ground floor + 11 floors, having a total of 456 apartments

Onix Blue Mamaia Nord is built in Năvodari to the Black Sea, being located near the.With a unique and innovative concept, the Onix Blue Mamaia Nord complex adds value to the real estate market in the Romanian seaside area and offers modern and affordable solutions to the highest quality standards.Onix Blue Mamaia Nord consists of 5 buildings with a height regime of Ground floor + floors, having a total of 420 apartments.

OnixPark is built in Bucharest, on the north part of the city.Onix Park – North Area is the first residential project whose scale, modern concept and accessibility will create a new standard and a point of equilibrium for the development of the entire North area of Bucharest.Onix Park consists of 10 buildings with a height regime of Ground floor + 3 floors and Ground floor + 14 floors, having more than 2000 apartments