The innovative concept on which Onix Blue Mamaia North is based not only adds value to the real estate market in this beautiful seaside area of ​​the Romanian seaside, but also offers modern and affordable solutions where they do not exist.

The apartments within the complex follow the latest trends in how to dwell, share space and maximize natural light inside the apartments. The infrastructure plan includes generous parking spaces for customers who prefer to drive by car. Pedestrian walkways, green spaces, but especially nearby beach positioning are key elements for any place we can call a “dream home”.

Only in Onix Blue Mamaia North, you can find a lifestyle that highlights the connection between the interior: a home in the middle of nature, on the seashore, bright, warm and intimate where you feel “at home”, and outside, by getting closer to sea, sight, health benefits, relaxation and entertainment opportunities.


Onix Blue offers 5 blocks of flats, namely studios and 2-room apartments, totaling 420 units. The height regime is GF + 6, located so that all the apartments offer a superb view of the sea.

One of the main advantage of our project consists in the affordable prices, especially given by the level of the market and the area where the project is located.

The apartments are built using good quality materials, being perfect for modern, attractive, minimalist but functional furnishings. Thus, it will not be difficult to think that you are every day on vacation, all in an open, flexible and dynamic space.

The proximity of the sea, the functional division of each apartment and the welcoming approach of all the spaces make up a fresh, dynamic and bright holiday air.

Studio apartments
2-room apartments